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    • Terms and Conditions

      • This is an MRCP PACES preparation site and is intended to guide users through the examination preparation process. Please note that there are no actual patients shown on this website either on videos or in photographs.
      • ePACES mainly covers the Clinical scenarios and Ethics & Communication section of the examination. Useful tips on how to prepare for History taking station will be given in the live Webinar. We have tried to cover the commonly occurring topics but some topics may not be included for which we advice candidates to refer to other available resources.
      • There is considerable amount of hard work put in by candidates in PACES preparation and ePACES is supposed to complement their preparation and make it easier but it gives no guarantee and takes no responsibility of users’ (of this website) final outcome in PACES as it will still depend on many other factors beyond our control.
      • This website is not meant to be the sole resource for PACES preparation but can be used in conjunction with any other available resource. This website is not intended to replace neither actual clinical examination practice on patients nor Ethics/Communication and History taking practice sessions.
      • All the information given in the contents of the website is sourced from the most recent guidelines, textbooks and other sources. Care will be taken to maintain accuracy and update any new changes that take place in the ever changing field of medicine but users are advised to check the validity themselves if there is any doubt. ePACES takes no responsibility for any information not being up-to-date or any loss or damage occurring as a result of the information provided.
      • ePACES does not sell or promote products that may be advertised on the website but may be associated with some of the agencies on the advert.
      • ePACES can’t guarantee uninterrupted running of the website and takes no liability for any breaks, interruptions in connection or any other forms of errors when using this website and also for any damage or loss of content on the subscriber’s computer inflicted by the use of the website.
      • The rates for membership are subject to change and may occur without any prior notice.
      • By accessing this website you agree to the Terms & Conditions and Privacy Policy of this website.
      • The caption “assume you have passed” displayed with the ePACES logo refers to the mental attitude MRCP PACES candidates should possess when preparing for PACES examination. While ePACES advices candidates to prepare and go for MRCP PACES examination with this mental attitude, www.e-paces.com neither takes any responsibility nor gives any guarantees towards success in MRCP PACES examination.
      • Refund policy: full refund of the paid subscription fee will given for the requests received within 48 hours of activating the password. All cancellation requests should be sent by e-mail to gurmit@e-paces.com. The requests for refund received after 48 hours of activation of password will not be entertained.
      • Your Virtual PACES Tutor will provide you with best possible support and guidance to help you pass MRCP PACES, however, www.e-paces.com or your Virtual PACES Tutor cannot be held accountable if the subscriber is unsuccessful in the examination for any reason. The final outcome entirely depends on the efforts and preparation of the subscriber.
      • ePACES will try its best to run practice sessions called PACES e-Tutorials as smoothly as possible and without any hindrance; but we take no responsibility if for some reason the practice sessions could not take place because any technical issues or because of third party applications and software required to run sessions.
      • For Virtual Discussion Room sessions, every effort will be made to arrange this session at a date and time that is convenient to all the participants. But there may be times when the sessions may be difficult to arrange because of candidates living in different time zones or due to non-availability of subscribers in the scheduled date and time. Every effort will be made to rearrange these sessions but it may not be always possible.
      • www.e-paces.com takes no responsibility if the Virtual Discussion Room sessions could not take place or are interrupted due to technical faults.
      • It is the responsibility of the subscribers of www.e-paces.com to ensure that they have a webcam and the necessary software to participate in the PACES e-Tutorials Virtual Discussion Room sessions.

      Privacy Policy

      • We fully respect your privacy and we will not divulge any of your personal details to a third party.
      • When you subscribe to this course, your personal details like name, address, phone number or e-mail address will be collected but will be kept in strict confidence in the server.
      • Your credit or debit card details which are used to pay for the membership is used only for the transaction and will not be stored in the server.

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