We run the best and result oriented communication skills course for Stations 2 & 4!

  • MRCP PACES Communication Skills eCourse

    Have you ever thought why the pass percentage of communication skills stations in MRCP PACES is low?

    We have analyzed this in depth and have found that the reasons are multifactorial. Some of these are:

    • Inability to pick up VERBAL OR NON-VERBAL CLUES given by the patient
    • Candidates are unable to address PATIENT’S CONCERNS
    • Candidates unable to identify HIDDEN AGENDAS.
    • Candidates not using some CORE communication skills (which are so important for a fruitful consultation and to impress examiners)
    • Poor understanding of the KEY ethical principles

    These sentences are commonly heard from MRCP PACES candidates after the exam:

    • "Patient appeared quite unhappy"
    • "I thought I did well but did not pass"
    • "Patient was not giving proper history" OR "Patient was not answering my questions properly"
    • Examiners' comments – "candidate unable to address patient's concerns."

    We have taken everything into consideration and the result is a course, through which we will equip you with ADVANCED COMMUNICATION SKILLS AND CORE KNOWLEDGE that you can apply to any scenario and sail through it.

    Register for the course and get the following benefits:

    • Come to grips with the Ethics & Communication Curriculum for a focused preparation
    • Do a patient (and examiner) centric consultation:
      • Pick verbal/non-verbal clues
      • Address patient concerns and uncover hidden agendas
      • How to offer empathy and support
    • Practice highly important and challenging scenarios
    • Learn core & advanced communication skills and see how they can help you with difficult or challenging scenarios
    • Get constructive feedback
    • Get hold of highly relevant reading material

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